"and I said to my body, softly, "I want to be your friend." It took a long breath and replied, "I have been waiting my whole life for this". Nayyirah Waheed

As women, mothers, partners or just generally busy ladies we often tend to put other peoples needs before our own. We tend feel that we need to "earn" some time for ourselves, or that we’re not worthy of luxury experiences such as this, but I want you to know something; when you can stand in your power and love yourself, when you allow yourself to feel joy, and appreciation for the wholehearted woman you really are, you will glow from the inside out and THAT is worth everything.

A Boudoir Moments experience is about more than just a beautiful image of yourself, it’s a fully transformational process that is sure to make a lasting impression for the rest of your life.

Think of the value you associate with material things like clothes or electronics or how costly the escape of a vacation can be. Now, imagine something more; imagine gaining the confidence to walk through life with your head held high, really knowing that you are worth everything you want in life. Imagine not needing an escape from daily life because you are genuinely content with yourself and feel empowered enough to go after your dreams. Imagine becoming a role model for your children, nieces or grandchildren, someone who they can look at and say “I want to be just like her”. What would that be worth?

91% of women hate the body they’re in, I’m on a mission to change this!

I want you to love yourself just as you are, to stop judging yourself by unrealistic beauty standards that are set out by big media. I want you to see your true worth. I want you to see your beauty from the inside out. I want you to know that you’re absolutely perfect just the way you are.  You are amazing, worthy and valuable. You are enough. You deserve to treat yourself like you would your very best friend. You deserve to love yourself. You deserve to see what the rest of the world sees in you and you deserve to see all of this not in spite of your body size, shape, age, lifestyle, or colour, but because of it.

Let me show you how.  

Throughout the experience, my focus will be on you. Customizing the journey to suit your individual desires and ensuring you feel amazing every step of the way. This experience begins the moment you reach out to say hello. All of my clients are treated as the unique individuals that they are and are cared for personally by myself and my team. You can expect to learn a lot about yourself, how you really want to show up in the world, and how to genuinely love your beautiful self. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your soul, and will open up to the healing that comes with this beautiful experience.

To commemorate your self love journey, I’ve sought out the best of the best Canadian suppliers to provide you with the highest quality, luxury products such as albums, folio boxes and aluminium wall art that are sure to last a lifetime.

The whole team at Boudoir Moments takes your commitment to yourself seriously, and works hard to look after all your needs throughout this special experience. Included in your package is a gorgeous shoot location, access to over 100 lingerie pieces ranging from sizes XS-5X, a complimentary pre-consultation with Shannon Smith, as well as a complimentary styling guide. To get you feeling confident and warmed up for your shoot, you’ll also receive a complimentary yoga and coaching package from Gloria Schwabe (see more info about this package in the Experience tab). 

To complete the self care experience, consider adding hair & makeup as an add on to your package. We understand that many women are fully capable to do this on their own but if you’d like to pamper yourself before your shoot, it’s a nice add on to make your day extra special.

We have a team of talented artists eager to enhance your natural beauty. The makeup that they do is bolder than everyday makeup, as these talented women are trained to know that 30% of makeup is lost through the camera lens. Your beautiful features will still shine through on camera with the talents of our team.

Session & Collections

Boudoir Moments Session provides fully inclusive session & product packages.
All Session experiences come with: 

  • 1.5 hour Session Time
  • Single Location
  • Pre-Consultation
  • Styling Guide & Advice
  • Access to Client Closet Reveal Session
  • *Digitals/Products  sold separately

The Session Fee total is $400.

Add-On Services:

Professional Makeup Artist: $120, payable to artist day of your session

As part of the boudoir & empowerment experience, I highly recommend Yoga and Coaching sessions with Gloria Schwabe Coaching (value 265) . This add-on package is $249 and has been designed to take your Boudoir Moments session to the next level. Gloria will guide you through your emotional blockages, ask you thought provoking questions and make sure your ready to shine when it’s time for your shoot. You’ll also receive access to a pre-recorded Boudoir Yoga video to watch as often as you like along with a few added bonuses to enhance your journey. The yoga video is a live recording of a class designed by Gloria and Shannon to maximize the space in your body and allow for maximum arches and booty popping, which will come in handy for your session! This added experience includes:
• 1 coaching call prior to your session to get you out of your head and into your beautiful body!
• 1 coaching call after your session to integrate what you’ve learned about yourself through this process and help make sure it sticks for life!
• Pre recorded yoga class, designed by both Shannon and Gloria to get you ready to bend it like Beckham! 
• And unlimited text/email support for the duration of your program.


Collections and A la carte Products

Please click on image above to enlarge photo.

As mentioned previously, all products/images are sold separately from the Session Fee.

When I have completed editing your images I will then contact you to book your Reveal Session. At this appointment is when you will see in person all of your images. I do show you a slideshow and walk you through how to view your images 1 by 1. When you are ready, we then go through the images with the sole purpose of giving yourself permission to love yourself! How powerful! Women are often shocked that they love so many images are feel many different emotions (all emotions are good emotions and however you react is okay). This is the time where you will also choose all of the products you'd like, whether as a Collection Package or A la Carte. All of my products are supplied by Canadian Boudoir suppliers therefore contributing to the Canadian economy. Also, I deal directly with the owners of the companies so I know who is handling your private images and know that they are being handled in a very secure process. There is a minimum purchase requirement of $1,000 for your purchase. If you are on a budget, do not let this hold you back as I do provide payment plans that allow you to stick within your budget and purchase the product of your dream!

I would love to discuss a session experience, what brings you to desiring a session, your story/journey and the pricing for these products and collections over video chat so that we have the opportunity to meet for our

To book or to get more information, please select head to my Contact page, fill out the form and I will reply to book your pre-consultation date!

I look forward to being a part of your journey.

With love and gratitude,


"I see your beauty but now I ask you to see it for yourself." Darla Evans