Child Sessions

I adore sessions with children, capturing their innocence, natural behaviours and their special characteristics are what I take pride in. I dedicate myself to capturing your child's freckles, sparkle in their eye, catch them laughing or giving that pout, silly playfullness between siblings. I will connect and bond with them. I value their own uniquness and therefore props are limited or non-existent, they are the stars of this show.

If your session involves children I do ask that you read my child preparation below. It is important that you know the do's and not to do's so that we capture great images your child.

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Child Preparation Tips and Tricks for a Successful Photography Session

Relax & Enjoy

It is completely natural to want those perfect photos of your child smiling and looking at the camera, although I will do my best to make this happen, your child just may not feel like smiling or connecting with me, they will tell us how they feel. I welcome you to be open to enjoying these photos as well, this may be a reflection of where they are in life, or even that day, and can be equally rewarding images. 

I do ask that to help me in capturing these more connected images, that you do not pressure your child before the session or during to smile for the camera and act proper for the lady with the camera. I need you to let them know my name is Shannon and I'm going to take some photos of them today, that's all folks. When I meet them, you will see me get down to their level, say hi and introduce myself, if they can speak I will ask them questions and no matter what the age I will do my best to connect with them if they allow me to. I will give them space if they are shy, I will listen to their stories, this is how I will connect with your child/children so that they allow me into their day to capture them being silly, having them smile, or whatever they feel like telling or showing me that day. 

I do ask that you as mom and dad relax. Please do not concentrate on having them look at me, or telling them to do so. Do not point at me to show them where to look. We all do it, it's natural, even I do this with my son at times, however, the true moments come from you just being in the moment, that's all you need to do. I will hoot, holler, act like an ape on one leg, whatever it may be to get the reaction I am looking for if I need them to look at me. Or I may just silently sit/stand there waiting for that specific moment when they let me in and forget I am there. Whatever it is, parents, relax and enjoy the time.


I encourage you NOT to  bribe your child/children or promise a treat/toy prior to your session. If they know that a treat/toy is waiting for them should they be good, smile, whatever it may b they will be focused on this rather than our session. Instead, let's save those treats/toys for later in the session when we need them. Kids are intrigued by the sudden appearance of some smarties that I pull out of my camera bag, or the silly little toy I suddenly give them. These sporadic "bags of tricks" can work wonders when needed to create the reaction or shot I am looking for.