Casting Call
Boudoir Moments by Shannon Smith


Hi Future Boudie Babe! 
You are reading this because you heard I am doing a casting call! Wonderful! I'd love to capture you so that I can work on some new techniques I learned while in a workshops this month! 

Casting Call session must take place on Wednesday April 11, 25, 26 or Thursday May 3, 10, 17

I would love to find the following badass babes, however not limited to

~ Over 50 woman
~ Over 60 woman
~ Heavily tattooed woman
~ Plus size woman (Size 16+)
~ Size Small woman
~ Non-Caucasian woman
~ Same sex couple (Lesbian preferred)

The following is a must for these sessions:
~Fine Nude Art
~Woman willing to do a video of boudoir session

What you receive:

  • Single Location
  • 2 hour session
  • Non alcoholic drinks
  • Yoga & Coaching with Gloria Schwabe
  • Pre-consultation
  • Styling Guide & Advice


There are some key items for you to know about this experience if you are chosen for this Casting Call.
1. I as the photographer, will have complete creative directive. This means that I will be using your casting call to experiment to fulfill my creative ideas for my portfolio. 

2. I may push you out of your limits for this creative directive. If you have boundaries and are not willing to be vulnerable, this casting call will not be for you, and instead do a regular boudoir session.

3. These images will be released publicly as I deem fit, therefore you will be signing a full Model Release upon booking. If you, your job, or your partner do not want the images released anywhere, then this casting call is not for you and instead I'll refer you to a regular boudoir session. Should you change your mind at time of reveal to have your images released publicly, the amount reduced for the session fee will be of charge and payable immediately.

4. You are under no obligation to buy any products after your session, however, if you do like your images and would like to purchase, I highly recommend you to do so :) Therefore if you are chosen to be a casting call participant, I will be requiring you to jump on the phone with me to have a chat about the casting call, the process, and product options/pricing.

5. Hair and Makeup will not be included. If you would like to have hair and makeup please set aside 120 for the hair and makeup artist for the day of your Casting Call Session.

6. What is the cost for a Casting Call Session? Reduced Session fee will be $300 (Saving of $200!). I will have the location set up, you will have access to my client wardrobe (I also ask that you bring 2 bras, 2 panties, and 1-2 lingerie outfits for your session. If we are also using some of my client wardrobe, please have nude & black seamless thongs to wear). 

If all this sounds great to you, then please fill out the form below and lets get the application process started!