"I see your beauty but now I ask you to see it for yourself" - Darla Evans

At Boudoir Moments we strive to give you a complete self love experience from the moment you join our private Facebook group, or reach out to inquire about a session through to and after your VIP reveal! We go deep into self-love, empowerment, body positivity and self acceptance before the shoot even happens with daily posts about self-love, shifting your mindset, arranging special events just for our members, and holding space for each other to discuss topics about being a woman, self-love and your unique journey. If
you’re not a member already, I highly suggest you become one! 

If you are reading this right now, you've made the decision that you are worthy and valuable of an amazing experience. You deserve this! You deserve to invest in yourself! Making yourself a priority is such an important lesson to learn as a woman and you should be so proud of yourself for doing this. 
During a boudoir experience with Boudoir Moments, we will take the time to develop your session around your journey, your celebrations, your comfort zone and also helping you to look beyond it. This experience is just for you, to work on your own journey in self acceptance.

When you book I’ll send you a contract, invoice, arrange for your pre-consultation virtual meeting, send you a questionnaire so I can really get to know more about your unique path and even provide you with a styling guide to give you some ideas to play with before your shoot. This is just the beginning of this this amazing experience. I’ll be here to walk you through the entire process and am available to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Session Day

When you arrive for your session you will be greeted by Shannon and more than likely with a big ol hug. There will be coffee/tea, water and snacks available for you for the duration of your session. I’ll bring along my Boudie Closet for your session if you'd like, along with your own items that you bring to
the session. We’ll work through your wardrobe and poses, but more importantly capture your self-love journey, discuss the beautiful aspects that I see about you, have fun, laugh, and celebrate where you are on your journey. The transformation that typically occurs in a session is one that intrigues me every time. I typically first meet a woman who is anxious and nervous for her shoot when she arrives, to relaxing in makeup and hair where we get to know each other, her story, and chat like girlfriends do with the makeup artist, myself and you. This often eases everyone into the session, where the nerves start to dissipate and you start to relax. About 30 seconds into the session (3 for me) you will forget you are in lingerie with a stranger. I talk a lot so I often am making jokes, a fool of myself, or chatting to you about your life, the most
recent movie you've watched, basically anything that's not sexy. You don't have to portray yourself as someone you are not - you are not going to be made to act sexy. I mean there might be a time where I'll say think about this or can you do this, but you don’t have to be someone you’re not. You’ll be pushed
out of your comfort zone, possibly more than likely yes, but you will not be someone else. When photos are being taken this is where I need trust from you, vulnerability in the sense that I need you to do what I am asking of you to the best of your ability, and I promise, you’ll be pleasantly shocked by what you
see on the other end. You will leave with a sense of pride, lightheartedness, your head held higher,
chest more open, and know that you’re a kickass woman who can do ANYTHING (because you can). 
Warning: These sessions are addictive, this feeling is addictive, and you WILL want to come back for another one. 

Reveal Session

It typically takes 5-8 weeks to edit your full gallery. When your gallery is near done I will contact you to book your reveal session time. This is where we’ll sit down, talk through all emotions you are feeling, put into perspective the way I want you to look at your images to help you transform your thinking to a
positive mindset and to start changing the negative habits that came along with how you used to see yourself. We will go through all the final details for your product so that I can order them. Once it arrives Shannon will either have it shipped to your house or you can pick up at her office. Note: You are never required to show any of your images. If you would like to them to remain private and for Shannon's eyes only this absolutely will be honoured. You are never obligated to share anything. This is all about YOU.

First Step...

Now take that first step towards an adventure by booking your session via the contact page, Shannon or a team member will respond to your inquiry directly. We’ll take the time to answer any questions you may have and ease any nerves about taking the next step on your beautiful journey. You are worthy, you can do this.