Hey Hun!

Thanks for taking interest in representing me and my art by becoming a Boudie Brand Ambassador!

I am looking for a women who are amazing, empowering, and is a woman that her friends and family look up to, you know a nice woman all-in-all! This person must be active on social media and willing to share my art, my promotions, and invite their friends into the group. Being an active member in my private group, cheering other ladies on and sparking conversations.  A lady who believes in my message of self-love, self-care, building self-esteem for all ladies, and of course who believes that women are beautiful and worthy of this experience regardless of size, age, and lifestyle.


Your job would be:

  1. Helping my manage my private group (being active in the group, sparking conversation, empowering the women, monitoring for negativity. Commenting/liking each post and answering questions that the women in the group post)
  2. Posting/sharingyour own watermarked images inside and outside of our group (doesn't have to be on your public page, but just sharing with friends or women who you think would benefit from a session as well as rock the hell out of her session)
  3. Every once in a while making a status/Instagram post about Boudoir moments


In return, you would receive 1 free shoot a year (minimum), we would work on outfit choices and ideas together to make sure each shoot is different and fun. I'll give you the watermarked digitals to post and share! It'll be great and so much fun, I promise!


If this stills sounds like a dream to you, answer these for me <3

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Are you 100% okay with your photos being shared online on my public & private page as well as website?